White bathroom: bright, spacious and timeless

The bathrooms are usually spaces without natural light and where the meters are not enough. Few are those who are lucky enough to enjoy a spacious bathroom with windows to which the sun’s rays reach unobstructed because most homes have small bathrooms. So anything you can do to give it more light and space, will be welcome. Where can you start? For something very simple: to decorate your white bathroom. And is that white illuminates and expands like no other color. But it can also have a cold and dull side if you don’t know how to apply it properly. Our experts in bathroom decoration tell you how to get not only more light, more space, more warmth and more charm in your bathroom and make the years do not pass through it.

Why does a white bathroom look bigger and brighter?

Before we start with decorative ideas, let’s clear up one doubt: why does white have the power to brighten and enlarge the space? The answer to the question is physics. White is the brightest color in the chromatic scale because it is capable of reflecting up to 80% of the light it receives. And the more light it receives, the greater the feeling of space. So, in a completely white bathroom, the walls will seem to recede and the ceilings will seem to rise.

So, choose white for all the coverings – tiles, parquet, paint and baseboards – and you will be multiplying the meters of your bathroom without knocking down a partition wall and illuminating it without opening any new windows. 

3 reasons to love a white bathroom

Here’s why you’ll want a white bathroom in your home:

  1. Any shade of white works

The luck of the color white is that all its tones expand and illuminate, that is, if the snowy white is too cold for you and you prefer a white with a slight nuance that brings warmth -almond, cream, sand…-, you can decorate your white bathroom with it without fear of losing light and feeling of space. 

  • Fits in any style of house

Classic, Nordic, industrial… Any of these styles admits white for the bathroom. It is a wildcard color that adapts to all types of pieces and materials: classic or vintage look furniture under the basin; square pieces of white marble for more modern and sophisticated styles; white microcement coated furniture for boho style bathrooms… White is clearly an all-terrain color. So, whatever style you have in your home, it will fit in.

  • White goes with everything

A white bathroom is the perfect canvas for any piece, any material and any other color, so you can never go wrong when mixing and matching. And there’s more! Did you know that white stimulates the creative imagination? So decorate your bathroom by choosing white wall coverings and bathroom fixtures, and let your imagination run wild when it comes to adding a personal touch with textiles and accessories, which, on white, will stand out more than on any other color.

Read on: White not only goes with all types of decor but can create all kinds of decorating styles. Discover our articles on how to achieve a classic bathroom, a modern bathroom or even vintage.

Ideas for decorating a white bathroom for every style

Bathroom accessories, textiles, plants…everything contributes to create a bathroom with personality. Discover how to achieve each style in your white bathroom:

A white bathroom with vintage character

  • Wall coverings: You can choose to tile the walls up to half height with subway tiles and white grout, for example, or with a wooden wainscot painted with damp-proof paint, and the floor, with a black and white checkerboard or with whitish parquet. Also the hydraulic mosaics look good in this type of white bathrooms and stand out much more by contrast with the color of the walls.
  • Furniture: Made of wood and painted in white -with moldings. Handles are important: shell type, white porcelain or black or copper, for example.
  • Accessories and details: mirrors with white wooden frames, cut glass dispensers in soft colors such as green, gray or pink, vases with flowers… 

A modern white bathroom

  • Cladding: Natural stone, white marble or Silestone, Corian… Any of these materials would work to clad a classic white bathroom. To large pieces of rectified joint, cover with them floors and walls is a clear choice. 
  • Furniture: Straight, smooth and white fronts, of course. With drawers and doors without handles. 
  • Accessories and details: Black is very popular in combination with white, so black details will help you to give character to the space while updating it. You can opt for small things like the toilet brush, soap dispenser and various jars in total matte black or black and white marbled finish. 

A boho-chic white bathroom

  • Coatings: Hydraulic mosaic, subway tiles with dark grout, white-painted brick, microcement, painted wooden slats…
  • Furniture: From site-made furniture to recovered pieces such as a piece of furniture converted into a white painted basin -with aesthetics worn by the passage of time-, or shelves as a staircase and shelves of untreated wood. 
  • Accessories and details: baskets of natural fibers; glasses, soap dishes and wooden trays; metal bathroom lamps; plants…

A white bathroom with a sophisticated air.

  • Coverings: Choose white marble for walls and floors to create a luxurious bathroom, although a wooden wainscot painted with white anti-humidity paint and vinyl wallpaper would also fit. 
  • Furniture: Marble would also look good in this type of white bathroom based on cube pieces such as a sink embedded in a marble cube or another marble cube as a stool. And why not, if you have space, a designer chair or pouf.
  • Accessories and details: Here we are inclined to add the most glamorous color of all: gold. Apply it both to lamps and decorative details, to the mirror frame -better if it is round- or even to the faucets.

Have you found your white bathroom style? Then stay connected to postgreeny.com, browse our selection of pieces for the bathroom and redecorate yours to give it more space, more light and more character.

Fall in love with the color white in your bathroom!

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