The essential gardening tools

We cannot take good care of a garden, nor of course of an orchard, if we do not have the right gardening tools. In reality, you don’t need many, but there is an essential kit that you can’t miss in your home. With this kit, gardening tasks will be easier and your work will be more efficient and faster. Gardening tools are, without a doubt, the definitive element to make gardening work a pure pleasure for you.

5 professional gardening tools for vegetable gardens

  1. Shovel

Of all the professional gardening tools, the shovel is the queen. To make a garden at home, we offer you this proposal: a flat shovel or spade, which will be useful to make a hole, for example, to transplant a tree or also to prepare beds if you want to make a small vegetable garden in the garden. This shovel, of course, will be useful if the soil is soft. If not, you will need a pointed spade.

  • Rake

This is a must-have tool for making a vegetable garden at home. You will be able to remove the soil superficially or free it from dead leaves and dry weeds. On the other hand, it will also help you to clean the soil by carefully passing it around your garden flowers.

  • Hoe

If you have a vegetable garden at home and want to plant everything from fruit trees to vegetables or large flowers such as sunflowers, this is one of the professional gardening tools that you will use the most because you will use it for everything. With it you will be able to clean the soil of weeds, make furrows to plant vegetables, make holes, etc.

  • Fork

Among the gardening tools that we can find, this one has several very practical uses. You can use it to turn the soil to aerate it or to prepare it for planting, to carry dry leaves, for example, or to pick up vegetable remains to clean the soil.

  • Wheelbarrow

If you have a space ready to store and organize your gardening tools, don’t hesitate to buy a wheelbarrow. Although it may seem a nuisance at first glance, the truth is that it will save you many trips because, in one go, you will be able to carry piles of dry leaves, plants to be transplanted, fertilizer, etc., wherever you want.

3 ideal gardening tools to take care of your flowers

Pruning shears

To cut cuttings, to clean your flowers or the plants in your herb garden of dried stems and leaves, etc. This is one of the professional gardening tools you will use the most. 

Hand shovel

You don’t need a big shovel to maintain the flowers in your garden. A hand shovel will be useful for turning the soil, digging small holes or mixing compost into the soil. Like the larger ones, there are flat or pointed ones. Having one of each won’t hurt and, being small, they won’t take up much room.

Garden gouge

This is the gardening tool that will work best for removing weeds from between your flowers without damaging them. 

And of course, there are two more pieces that should not be missing among your professional gardening tools: a sprayer that will serve both to moisten the plants and to spray them if necessary, and gloves to protect your hands when working the soil or planting roses, for example. On the other hand, you may also find useful, at a given moment, something as simple as a string, to fix, for example, jasmine branches to a trellis or to the posts of a pergola and thus make it climb and cover the structures of your garden.

How to organize your gardening tools

Having the professional gardening tools you need is important but it is even more important to organize them well so you can find them the first time, take them out without knocking them against each other and keep them so they last in perfect condition for a long time. 

A hard fiber basket can be used to collect smaller gardening tools such as pruning shears, shovel or hand rake and of course gloves. Hang it on the wall at a height where it is easy to access. But, of course, you can also choose to hang each of the small tools on its hanger. They usually have a hole in the handle so that you can thread a string through them -if they don’t have one- and hang them comfortably.

The hose, of course, must also be well hung forming wide circles and trying not to choke between them.

For the rest of the tools such as shovels, rakes, hoes and more, the ideal is to have a wall on which to install hangers of different shapes – hangers, U-shaped, etc. – for each type of handle.

A very easy idea is to use an old rake leaning -and clinging- to the wall vertically to hang the different garden tools you have on its tines.

TIP: Never store your tools wet because they can rust and thus shorten their life span.

Have you checked to see if you are missing any of the essential garden tools we have listed? Have you checked to see if you have the right place to store your garden tools properly? If you are missing a piece or your tool shed is not well organized, don’t hesitate to get to work and fix it now. It will be a before and after in your gardening work. Word from

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