Style Guide: Dining Room Decoration

Decorating the dining room with style is vital to feel at ease, and so are our guests. Along with the living room, the dining room is one of the most lively areas of the house. It is possible to achieve a cozy and coquettish dining room. Our interior experts have compiled the best tips so that we can learn how to decorate our dining rooms perfectly. Let yourself be inspired by our decorating ideas for the dining room and enjoy this space of the house. 

Dining Room Decoration Ideas

The decoration of a dining room is very important. We can decorate the dining room to our taste, whether we are more of modern dining rooms, rustic or Nordic style. Since we spend a lot of time in the dining room, we must specify which are the most appropriate elements so that we can make the most of it, so that it shines and also remains well organized. And above all, if we have an eat-in kitchen or a dining room, we must be more consistent with the order. With the following tips, the dining room, no matter how small it is, will make a better impression. 

A dining room with plenty of natural light 

Small spaces, including dining rooms, need good light. If you want to add dining room curtains, we recommend using very light ones. This way, they will still let in light. 

Large mirrors as decoration

Is your dining room small in square footage? Then mirrors will help you create more space with the right decor. Large mirrors make small rooms look more spacious and bright. Add a mirror above the sideboard or console table, near the dining table and you will see how you will gain meters.  

Wall colors in light tones

Dark colors and too many pictures on the walls make small spaces look even smaller and more compact. If we want to enhance light and space, it is best to opt for light tones or even white walls. 

Dining tables

The choice of dining tables matters. In case we have a small dining room, we recommend you to go for round tables. These take up less space, and if we have more guests at home, it is better to add an extendable one. 

Dining room chairs

If we have a small dining room, we will need dining chairs that are light. For example, we can opt for metal chairs or chairs with very simple backs. It is also a good idea to add a bench and thus eliminate some chairs. We gain space and less obstructed passage in the dining area. 

Dining room furniture

Dining room furniture is essential as it helps us to dress and organize this space better. We recommend some options such as cabinets, sideboards and consoles. These pieces of furniture decorate the dining room and also allow us to store cutlery, crockery or textiles for the table. 

Good lighting

Dining room lamps give a very coquettish touch to dining rooms. If we have a round table, it will be enough to add just a dining room lamp in the middle. If we opt for a rectangular table, we can add two.

Dining table decoration

Whether for special occasions or simply for every day, an elegant decoration of dining tables brings a very special atmosphere. Fresh flowers, books, candles … are ideal for decorating the dining area. In we show you the best tips so you can get it right with the decoration of the dining table both in special events and daily. 

A tip: always group the decorative elements of the dining tables by heights and numbers. We must also make sure that the materials and colors used, are fairly uniform and go in line with the style of the house. 

Decorate the dining room to your liking!

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