Oriental balcony: 8 ideas for the oriental look

Oriental seating area
A personal retreat that brings nature a little closer – if you don’t have your own garden or terrace, you can use your balcony to relax. Would you also like to transform your outdoor room into a true oasis of well-being and create something very special? If you like it colorful, opulent and yet glamorous, you will find one Oriental style balcony love. In addition, it is not that difficult to conjure up a dreamy outdoor area like from 1001 Nights. Our interior experts will tell you what makes an oriental balcony, what is actually so unique about the oriental look and what you should pay attention to when decorating and choosing furniture. Let yourself be inspired by our tips and ideas!

1. Integrate colors from the Orient

Did you know that colors are one in the Orient deeper meaning to have? In Morocco, for example, the color blue symbolizes vastness and protection from evil spirits. Ocher stands for earth as well as sand and thus for the mountains of the High Atlas. Especially the color white is very important in Morocco. It symbolizes purity, prestige and the bright sun.

If you are planning the design of an oriental balcony, the first step should always be a uniform one Color concept Consider. This is especially important because the oriental look furnishing works with natural tones as well as brightly colored colors.

Depending on the furnishing variant, these colors are quite suitable for a successful oriental chic on the balcony:

Natural facility Colorful decor
Chimney red
Mustard yellow

2. Create an oriental seating area for the balcony

When we think of an oriental-style balcony, coziness cannot be missing! This is especially true for the seating area, which differs from European living culture mainly in that it is designed very low.

Floor cushions and poufs รข ???? oriental comfort

For an oriental seating area Large seat cushions are just perfect for the floor. Low poufs and stools are also great. The lowered seating is a traditional living accessory in the Orient and is often made of leather or fabric. Floor cushions made of fabric turn out to be particularly colorful and harmonize perfectly with the rest of the ambience of the oriental balcony.

The right side table for the obligatory teapot

A lower one is added so that the chilled drink can be easily put down Side table made of metal or a colorful mosaic table ideal for the numerous floor cushions. Alternatively, a tray table in your oriental seating area is also very nice as a storage space.

Tip: Combine several small tables of different heights. This allows you to put oriental decorations in the limelight. Warm colors and opulent patterns also ensure a relaxed atmosphere on your balcony.

3. Flying carpets: Floor design on the balcony

Whether with one or more carpets: A fluffy floor covering in an oriental style brings color and that certain living room factor to your balcony. The Oriental carpets in bright colors and with lavish decor. A model with fringes also exudes an oriental flair.

If your balcony is not covered, ideally choose a practical one Outdoor carpet. The material is robust and can withstand one or the other rain shower.

In addition to a carpet, you can also redesign the floor with traditionally patterned tiles. However, you should always obtain the consent of your landlord for this if you live in an apartment for rent.

4. Plants for an oriental balcony

Of course, potted plants should not be missing on an oriental-style balcony. The lush grasses and colorful flowers come in particularly beautifully Earthenware pots or woven baskets come into its own.

Floor vases and baskets with palm leaf

These nine plants give an oriental vibe and are our absolute favorites:

  • Star jasmine
  • Iris
  • Palm trees
  • Cylinder cleaner
  • gentian
  • Verbena
  • Magic bells
  • Elven spur
  • petunia

Tip: For an oriental summer on your balcony Flowers in red, pink, orange and pink absolutely characteristic.

5. Have the paisley blanket ready for cool evenings

Enjoy a glass of wine in the best company on the balcony in the evening and chat until late at night. Such hours go straight to the heart and whet the appetite for the warm season. However, it can get a little cooler on the balcony at night. With a colorful paisley, blanket stay true to the orient look and you can cuddle up wonderfully. Depending on the color scheme, the ceiling should reflect your concept. For an oriental balcony with a natural flair, muted, natural tones are very nice. A colorful atmosphere benefits from a paisley blanket in pink or bright orange.

6. Atmospheric light: Oriental lanterns

There is nothing better than cuddling up on the balcony and watching the sunset on a mild summer evening. Gorgeous! So that you can make yourself extra comfortable, are traditional oriental pendants made of glass a practical way to skillfully combine design and functionality. In addition, oriental-style lanterns not only look beautiful during the day, they also create a really magical lighting atmosphere, especially in the evening, and immerse your balcony in a warm atmosphere. Lanterns and tea lights are also a must for the oriental furnishing style.

7. Canopy or pavilion on the oriental balcony

If you are one of the happy owners of a roofed balcony, you can also take advantage of your outside area all around oriental fabrics decorate. Materials such as cotton and silk are particularly suitable for this. Organza and brocade can also be used wonderfully for your personal dream from 1001 nights. You can also install a canopy or pavilion on your balcony and thus create a cozy atmosphere. You are absolutely free to choose whether you opt for a privacy screen or a room divider made of metal or wood.

Balcony with umbrella

8. Oriental tray and teapots

There is a decoration that automatically brings oriental vibes with it. These include, above all, trays, teapots and cups Silver, brass, copper and gold as well as stylish glasses with decorated rims. With a copper tray and small cups, you can also serve your loved ones an authentic oriental tea mixture.

How about some green tea with nana mint, for example? It is the most popular drink in the countries of North Africa. In addition, enjoying a cup of tea with your guests is the epitome of oriental hospitality.

More inspiration for an oriental balcony

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