Mixing styles in decoration, the new trend!

Mixing styles is always the solution if you don’t want to commit to a single style when decorating. Do you like some exciting combinations with different pieces and would like to use this mix consciously as a stylistic element in interior decoration? Then you’ve come to the right place! The art in this trend is absolutely modern and promises to become a timeless classic! We at postgreeny.com will show you how to complement different types of styles and what you need to keep in mind in this mix of styles. Let’s start with the great variety of this style!

What does style mean?

Style is a rather abstract term, but everyone is able to immediately imagine something. According to its general definition, the term refers to the peculiar features that characterize the appearance of an object.

Style is the lover of art

Coco Chanel

A mix of styles is, therefore, the combination of different peculiar features of different designs, which becomes more recognizable the more different the styles are from each other. When it comes to furniture in a mixed style, strong contrasts are deliberately used and the different elements are combined to form a harmonious overall picture. How can this be achieved? Here we’ll show you with some useful tips and tricks!

3 tips for decorating in a mixed style: here’s how it works!

  1. Mixing materials

Opposite materials result in an exciting combination, which is very characteristic of decorating in this mix of styles. For example, combine warm natural materials such as wood, wool or linen with cool furniture made of metal, glass or concrete.

  • Playing with colors

Color-blocking is mainly known in fashion. It is the mixing of colors with strong contrasts, which can also have an impressive effect when it comes to interior design. When decorating with a mix of styles, you can rely on complementary colors. For the brave, print combinations are also a must!

  • No more than two

Mix only two styles when decorating. This way you will avoid making the room look chaotic and furniture look random. Symmetry also helps to keep the furniture from looking too fidgety in this mix of styles.

What decorating styles can be combined?

Do all styles look good together or are there styles that create a particularly interesting and harmonious combination? Here we will show you which contrasting styles can be easily combined to create an exciting mix of styles for your home. What are you waiting for, let yourself be inspired by our ideas and dare to give a sophisticated touch to your rooms!


When talking about decorating with a mix of styles, the eclectic concept always comes up. What at first seems eccentric can also be visual, depending on the type of combination you choose. In general, an eclectic style means combining various styles, periods and materials. This is how you create exciting visual highlights in a room. For example, an old vintage closet from a flea market can be combined with a modern designer sofa and complemented with oriental souvenirs from a vacation. So that there is not too much clutter in eclecticism, a common connecting element should be used. Mixing styles can have an exciting effect through symmetrical placement or a dominant color and at the same time create an orderly atmosphere. Despite this unusual decoration, you can create a cozy atmosphere.

Pastel meets Scandinavian: Here’s how it works!

The combination of styles between simple Scandinavian design and delicate pastel shades is also suitable for beginners and ensures a modern lifestyle and at the same time is comfortable. The classic Scandinavian style stands out for purity, brightness and elegance through the combination of black and white details. Chairs, frames, graphic prints and industrial style lamps are designed for a fresh combination. A perfect mix is with pastel colors. Whether pink, light blue, mint green, lilac or apricot, rainbow colors add a romantic touch. Combined with the simplicity and concept of Nordic design, this creates a casual blend of warmth and elegance.

Mixing Cuban styles

Would you like to refresh your home with a colorful mix of styles? Then let yourself be inspired by the Cuban colonial style and combine antique furniture with colorful home accessories and objects with patterned designs. The mix of different furniture styles and the combination with different materials is the characteristic part of the Cuban style. In this way, you give every room an accessible and at the same time cozy atmosphere.

Our tip: exotic plants such as palm trees, ferns or orchids provide an extra portion of vacation feeling.

Mixing styles: antique meets modern

Modern meets old! Mixing styles between old and new is an easy way to combine different designs from different eras. In a new modern building, family heirlooms, home accessories found at a flea market or Shabby Chic furniture can provide more warmth and comfort. A neutral backdrop in a new building makes vintage-looking furniture especially appealing. To match your beloved vintages with added personality and character, all it takes is a simple setting.

Our favorite for kitchens: modern chairs in feminine tones. Pair them with a solid wood antique dining table. Ideal for playing with a mix of styles. Also, shades in blue or aquamarine are perfect for accessories like vases, cushions or dressers.

It is also exciting to continue the mix of styles in the living room and place a minimalist sofa on an elegant antique rug. This way you create a home between antique and modern.

Living room with a mix of styles

In the living room you can feel free with the mix of styles. Above a modern design sofa hangs an antique painting, a futuristic waitress always catches the eye, or you can use home accessories with colorful designs that bring color into the room. Everything you can dream of, can be possible!

It’s best to decide in advance the direction of mixing styles you want. This way you can create a harmonious overall look in the end so the room doesn’t look like it was taken from two different places. Also choose your style, mix the furniture carefully and rely on good quality. After all, you want to keep your new mixed room for a long time!

Furniture and home accessories with a mix of styles.

We have put together an exclusive selection of furniture suitable for you to create an exciting and different mix of styles in your own home – combine contrasts consciously and be amazed by a unique effect!

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