Masculine decoration for your apartment

Simple and with unexpected details. This is the masculine design in the decoration of houses and apartments. This style is quite sophisticated and sometimes shows a certain retro air. We are going to show you how you can apply this in your home and give a complete twist to your decoration. Although this decoration is usually called “masculine”, since, originally, there were the so-called “main rooms” that, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries served to receive friends apart from women, it is suitable for everyone, as you will see with your own eyes below. Dark, luxurious colors, comfortable armchairs, wallpaper and dark wood furniture. Ready?

How to furnish with masculine style

With the following ideas you will get that masculine style you are looking for, taking into account the size of the rooms or the budget you have available. Also think about what function you want to give to the decorated room: rest? Leisure? Office?

  1. The right style for a masculine room.

First of all, you should pay attention to the overall style of your home. If you want to stay classic, then lean towards more traditional ideas, such as the English club style. In this case, you should opt for:

  • Dark wood furniture.
  • Wallpapers decorated with a variety of motifs
  • Decorative accessories based on metallic tones, very luxurious
  • Personal mementos (to give your own touch to the room).

If, on the contrary, you prefer a modern interior, forget about dark wood furniture and choose black and white. This combination is quite modern and innovative, as well as elegant. To make this decor not too cold, add some personal decorative objects.

  • Must-have materials.

Leather is a staple in masculine style. On a sofa or a Chesterfield armchair, or even in some decorative motifs on the walls, you will achieve total elegance in the blink of an eye. Another recommended material is polished wood: with this type of wood, your room will keep a classic touch that will suit it very well. Slate, marble or mother-of-pearl tiles combine very well with these two general materials.

  • Elegant colors.

Continuing with the division between classic and modern that we have proposed, traditional rooms will best accept dark tones, such as black, gray or navy blue, along with others such as fir green or burgundy red for various small elements in the rooms. For the more modern version, black and white will be the perfect contrast, suitably completed with silver tones that give the furniture the style you are looking for.

  • Infallible furniture.

The style of the furniture should be uniform; that is, do not select furniture that belong to too different styles or that do not share a similar color range, or it will give the feeling that you have decorated the room with the first thing you had at hand. Once this is clear, keep in mind that the following pieces are foolproof for masculine decor:

  • Sofas and comfortable armchairs (in leather or velvet, all the better).
  • Desks and coffee tables (with dark wood, black)
  • Office chairs (matching the other furniture)
  • Bar cart
  • Mini-fridge for drinks (an interesting acquisition)
  • TV or projector (if it’s a flat screen and you can afford it, all the better).
  • Pool tables, dartboards for playing darts (a recreational area)
  • Speakers (technological devices)
  • The finishing touch.

There are accessories that look better than others in this masculine style. For example, golden trays to place glasses or glasses to have a drink are very elegant. Dark wall colors, why not? Gray or blue will go very well with large paintings or XXL canvases in monochromatic tones or large clocks: for high ceilings, they will be ideal.

Last seven tips

The following seven tips, to close this article, can work as a perfect summary of the ideas we have just proposed.

  1. Dark colors and monochromatic tones, such as gray, black, beige, cream, create a luxurious atmosphere.
  2. Dark and light wood tones fit perfectly. For your office, get a classic wooden desk and combine it with a very comfortable leather chair. A ten.
  3. The bar, fully equipped, or at least some glasses that reflect your good taste and style. If you have crystal glasses and cocktail shakers, you can invite your friends over for a tasty cocktail.
  4. Well-chosen cushions and blankets go well with the overall masculine design.
  5. To avoid monotony, add other tones in other objects, such as vases, candles, cushions, tapestries, in yellows, reds or blues. You will totally change the room and enhance your best furniture.
  6. Do not miss a mirror, and if it is industrial, so much the better. The union of metal and wood is in fashion.
  7. Close a rounded look with plants such as cactus, aren’t you imagining them and they look great?

Now there is no excuse. Do not have any prejudice against masculine decoration simply because of its name: it holds many decorative surprises that, for sure, you will love.

Furniture that can not miss in your masculine bedroom 

Furniture is decisive to achieve a relaxing atmosphere in the room. For that reason, this furniture is a must:

  • Comfortable sofas or armchairs
  • Desk or coffee table
  • Comfortable office chair

Other interesting decorative elements: 

  • Bar cart or mini-bar
  • Mini fridge for drinks
  • Television or projector 
  • Billiard table or dart board
  • Speakers

Our tip: To keep the overall look harmonious, you should choose a furniture style that is uniform. 

Decorating articles: How to give the room a masculine decor? 

What looks good and what looks bad? Decorative accessories are what give that masculine touch to the home, such as, for example, the classic golden tray with glasses and a bottle of whiskey, which manages to give that elegant touch. Another fashion trend, the industrial style with metallic finishes are always a good idea. If you dare, we suggest you to go for dark wall colors such as gray or blue, where you can place large paintings or XXL canvases in monochromatic colors.

Tips for a perfect masculine d├ęcor

  1. Dark colors and monochromatic tones such as gray, black or creamy beige create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.
  2. Combine dark and light wood tones. Choose a classic wooden desk for your study and combine it with a comfortable leather office chair.
  3. What should not be missing in your apartment? A perfectly equipped bar! Or at least some good glasses, which show not only your good taste but also style. Crystal glasses and cocktail shakers will underline your good taste and hospitality.
  4. Cushions and blankets are also suitable for this style of decoration. You just have to combine them with the rest of the decor.
  5. If the masculine decor is too monotonous for your taste, you can add some shades of other colors. For example, with cushions, vases or candles in yellow, red or blue that visually enhance the rest of the room, creating a good atmosphere.
  6. The absolute highlight of a masculine decor is a mirror in an industrial style. The sharp look of metal and wood create a stylish and trendy atmosphere.
  7. Plants such as cactus, Monstera or succulent plants complement the masculine decor.

More ideas for masculine bedroom decor

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