Make your balcony cat-proof: you should know these tips!

Cat on a balcony
The open air offers your room tiger variety and an interesting way to spend the day in the fresh air. But especially with cats that live in an apartment, this is not that easy to implement and sometimes even impossible. So that your furry friend does not spend the time exclusively in your four walls, a balcony is an excellent alternative to the classic outdoor area. A balcony makes a city cat happy! To safely get a breath of fresh air, you should get your Cat-safe balcony do. But what does it take for your darling’s safety? We have the most important tips for a cat balcony summarized below. Let yourself be inspired!

Why is a balcony good for the cat?

Especially in the city, the balcony is an oasis of calm and relaxation and personal refuge, which – equipped with plants – reflects a true natural paradise. Of course, this also applies to your cat! For an apartment cat, the balcony can be the gateway to the outside world and fresh air. Find out which ones here Advantages of a cat balcony has to offer:

  1. Reason:

    The cat comes into the fresh air and does not live exclusively in the apartment.

  2. Reason:

    The domestic house tiger can perceive other smells and let the wind blow around their ears.

  3. Reason:

    Due to the different seasons, the cat experiences variety and can perceive the environment more clearly.

  4. Reason:

    Humming insects, chirping birds and all kinds of noises – on the balcony your fur nose is exposed to other sources, which can sharpen the animal’s senses.

  5. Reason:

    Little explorers can let off steam on a safe cat balcony and examine all kinds of things.

Cat net: this is how you can make your balcony cat-proof

The most common way to make a balcony cat-proof is to attach one or more cat nets. The net ensures that cats do not fall off the balcony or simply run away.

In order to offer a high level of safety for the animal, we recommend that you make sure that the cat net is used when buying tear-proof, weatherproof and UV-resistant is. The respective one is just as important Mesh size of the cat net. Ideally, this is two to four centimeters. Such a net is attached either with the help of dowels, hooks and fastening cord or you can choose a model that is fastened with ropes without drilling.

Tip: The cat net should be high enough so that your four-legged friend cannot escape.

Plexiglass or bamboo mats for a cat-safe balcony

The cat net is not always the first choice to enable the house tiger to move out onto the balcony. In addition, it can happen that the landlord does not agree to a network installation. If you cannot or do not want to attach a net, you can use other materials:

  1. Plexiglass: The purchase of a Plexiglas pane is at least as good a safeguard. However, this is not exactly cheap! When installing, you should make sure that the spaces between the individual panels do not allow your cat to pass through. Let a professional advise you on this!
  2. Bamboo mat: A classic that also generally serves as a privacy screen for the balcony when there is no cat in the household is the popular bamboo mat. This is ideal if your balcony has a railing made of metal struts. The gaps could cause your pet to slip away or fall off.

Window security for a cat-safe balcony

Often not only a door leads to the balcony, but also a window. So that your darling does not try to climb out through a tilted window, there is an appropriate one Window lock a must. Basically, however, tilt windows always pose a great danger to your cat – so never let the fur nose frolic around the room unsupervised when airing the room. To forestall this extremely dangerous situation, you simply can Anti-tip grille as Toggle controller fastened in the window frame.

Cat flap for security on the balcony

Did you know that conventional cat flaps can even be built into glass doors? If you are planning such a purchase, you should definitely let a glazier help you and not lend a hand alone. A certain amount of know-how is definitely required for this. Usually one is enough for a city cat that inspects the balcony every now and then mechanical cat flaps completely off. This variant has the advantage that your pet can enter and leave the balcony without any human assistance. Pretty handy!

View through a cat flap, behind it a cat

Cat Safe: Remove poisonous plants from the balcony

To make the balcony cat-safe is not only required effective protection against falling out. Even on the balcony itself there can often be numerous dangers for your animal. Keyword: plants.

If you plan to allow your cat to access the balcony, you should definitely do all of them remove poisonous plants. These include above all crocuses, oleanders, cyclamen, hydrangeas and many more. Are also taboo artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

If you don’t want to do without a bit of green on the balcony, you can, for example, safely plant catnip, hops, bamboo, nasturtiums, herbs and fruit trees.

Cat in front of flower boxes

The perfect, safe oasis – this is how you set up a balcony for the cat

Sometimes indoor is not enough and your house cat would also like to explore the world outside the four walls. So that your four-legged friend can really feel comfortable in the fresh air on the balcony, you should consider the following things in addition to a cat-safe environment:

  • View: Offer your cat a suitable viewing spot on the balcony, which is a little higher. This means that your house tiger has everything in view.
  • Cat grass: A small meadow is also a real treat for your cat’s velvet paws. Ideally, you should use cat grass for this, which you plant in a shallow bowl. If your balcony is particularly large, you can also create a raised bed.
  • Shady place: With a sunny balcony, your cat should be able to retreat to a shady spot after sunbathing.
  • Scratch tree: The claw care also needs to be done in the open air. A scratching post or a scratching board are suitable for this.
  • Flooring: Cats love to be warm and cozy. Make your darling happy and design a corner of the balcony with wooden or cork tiles, which store the warmth from the day.

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