Living like in the past with 70’s decor.

70s style is back! By that we don’t mean kitschy dolls or ABBA, but the characteristic chic and timeless style that is now making a comeback in our era. Thanks to the elegant colors and vintage charm, the 70s style is the new retro decorating trend.  Furniture, lamps, decorative accessories and textiles shine with their bright colors and wild patterns producing a fresh feeling in your home. We agree: 70’s decor is more fashionable than ever! In our Style Guide we show you how to decorate with this wonderful style in a harmonious way, so what are we waiting for, let’s go back in time, back to pop culture!

What was typical in the 1970s?

Those who lived in the 70s know how colorful and exuberant this decade was. For all the rest of us, who only know Pril flowers from movies and stories, we have to get carried away with memories, but here we will show you the origin of the inspiration for this retro style.

It’s worth taking a look at an apartment with 70’s decor – it has a lot to teach! From bright colors in orange and ochre to petrol blue, apple green or purple, no color is foreign to 70s decor. Futuristic furniture and lamps are also characteristic of this style. The reason for this is due to the important events that took place at the time such as the moon landing, which inspired some designers to create a spacious interior.

In addition, smooth dark wood chests of drawers and dressers, plastic furniture, lamps and accessories were a very popular trend in this decade. Plastic furniture was popular not only for its bright colors, but also, for its lightness and special shapes. The famous “Panton Chair” remains a true classic in interior design to this day, representing pop culture, which is characterized by colorful furniture.

In addition to plastics, fabrics were also high on the list of must-have materials for an authentic 70s décor, no office could be without the typical Flokati carpet, on it swivel chairs and sofas were placed, and of course, the style was not complete without a lava lamp!

Bonus tip: If you want a real 70s feel in your living room, check out the “Togo” living room furniture series by Ligne Roset. This classic design has been inspiring lovers of relaxed 70s decor since 1974.

Wild mix of prints!

It wasn’t just the colors that evoked you in the homes of the 1970s. Wildly shaped color combinations, became a real eye-catcher throughout the home. Especially popular during the 1970s were eye-catching wallpapers in bright colors with psychedelic patterns and shapes. Even in the bathroom the Flower-Power movement was celebrated and the walls were decorated with flowers and other stickers.

Color is where our brain and the universe meet. That’s why it will be dramatic for real painters.

Paul Cézanne

If you want to have a 70’s decor you will not be disappointed with its eye-catching interior design. Wallpapers in the style of the 70s are still characterized by large formats and prints.

Our tip: to make your interior modern, but not too busy, we recommend the combination of prints with pieces in plain colors, this will create an exciting contrast that will transport you to the 70s in the present and create feelings of nostalgia.

It’s all about color!

Nowadays, in fashion it is known under the term Color Blocking. However, the combination of different colors with a high contrast was already part of colors in the 70s, the more striking, the better! One should not think of dull colors, instead, one should think of the combination of bright colors such as orange, purple, red, mustard yellow, brown or petrol blue. And the best way to set the scene is to use wallpaper with a psychedelic print.

The 70s hippie movement is perfectly expressed with furniture in bright colors. Everything that did not belong to the “stuffy” or “bourgeois” category was in vogue. The apartment had to be colorful.

Decoration of the 70s: Our TOP-5

Furniture, lamps, decorative accessories and textiles with a 70s design are more fashionable than ever! We’re going to show you our favorites for this popular decor. As always, you will find the furniture designs of the 70s in our exclusive selection on


The top-5 for a 70’s decor:

Garish colors.

In a home with a decor like in the 70s, you can’t miss the use of bright colors. Our favorite is the orange of the Flower-Power movement.

Patterned wallpapers

Today, the manufacturer Little Greene supplies us with wallpapers in colors inspired by the wonderful 70s. The “Lavaliers” print, for example, enchants us with its retro charm.

Plastic furniture

From an egg-patterned swivel chair to a lampshade, plastic furniture was a 1970s favorite.

Designer lamps

Round UFO-shaped designs are characteristic of 1970s lamps. Bright colors make the ceiling lamps a highlight over a dining table.

Floral print

From wallpaper to home textiles, flowers are the epitome of the 70’s hippie movement – a must-have detail for designing your home with a 70’s flair!

Have we been able to infect you with 70s fever? Then here we’ve rounded up a couple of eye-catching 70s decor pieces for you:

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