Kinfolk, or the return to origins

Is the Kinfolk about to dethrone the Nordic style? This new trend is going to conquer our interiors as it is a design that invites us to return to our origins and to a more relaxed way of life. Discover with us the Kinfolk and succumb to its minimalist charm.

In the midst of the vortex and the hectic life we lead, the spirit of Kinfolk arises, which invites us to a return to our origins and bets on the return to a simple life. This trend appeared in the USA and was inspired by the way of life of the Amish community, where everything is centered around nature and the simple life in the countryside. This longing for the earth and the rustic has also been influenced by French, Italian and Greek art de vivre. This Kinfolk trend also calls for rediscovering the flavors of the good things, betting on local products and returning to the old stoves.

Kinfolk is also the name of a famous and successful American magazine, which has been adopting the precepts of this style for years. In its pages we find recommendations for our way of life and a wide variety of cooking courses where we are taught to recover the old culinary techniques. These workshops not only use organic and healthy products, but also promote the idea of sharing food around a big table, where everyone enjoys calmly and unhurriedly the cooked food. After all, that’s what Kinfolk is all about: parents and family.

In terms of décor, Kinfolk is a crossroads of trends. Nordic, vintage, rustic and industrial designs intermingle with a wide variety of genres, prints, colors and materials, resulting in an atmosphere with minimalist and bohemian touches with a contemporary aesthetic.

Kinfolk basics

Sometimes hippie, sometimes industrial… Kinfolk can fit as well in a cottage as in a New York loft. Here are some of its basic principles to adapt this type of design at home:

  • Plants. Kinfolk style is an invitation to reconnect with nature through plants. That’s why we suggest you create a small indoor garden at home and give it the utmost attention. As a touch, place a cactus under a glass bell or put a single flower in a recycled bottle or some succulents suspended in a macramé net.
  • Raw materials. This style focuses on the essence of things and that is why it always prefers sober raw materials that give the space a rustic look. Wood is essential in every room: either in the ceiling, in the form of beams; in furniture such as chairs and tables or in antique pieces. The lines are simple and the textures rough. Rattan and stone are also present and linen and cotton take over the textiles.
  • Colors. As in the Nordic universe, white dominates the walls for a simple and bright result and as always, always seeking to be closer to the essential. The rest of the palette features soft colors such as gray, ecru, green tones and earth tones.
  • Handmade accessories. In the Kinfolk style we create our own decorative elements to make our spaces unique, authentic and unrepeatable. In this way, many vintage objects and industrial style furniture coexist easily with pieces of second-hand Chinese porcelain, restored furniture and recycled objects.
  • Ethnic prints and craftsmanship. Finally, to complete your Kinfolk look, don’t forget to count on ethnic prints, travel souvenirs, dream catchers (they’re trendy!) and wallpaper with an ultra-modern design. And if everything is handmade, so much the better!

You’re ready to go back to the origins of decoration. Keep Kinfolk in mind because it’s going to be the talk of the town.

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