Keys to a rustic and modern decoration

One of the most successful styles in decoration is rustic. This style allows us to connect with nature without leaving home. It is also one of the most desired styles when we make the change of season to autumn. However, over time the rustic decoration has evolved and given rise to different variants such as modern rustic decoration. We show you what this style of decoration consists of, and how you can achieve it at home. Take note!

What is modern rustic decoration based on?

The key to the style that triumphs in autumn decoration (TBC) is the mix of colors and fabrics. If the rustic style is full of dark tones and materials; in a modern rustic house white is the real protagonist. The touch of wood and textiles in raw tones is what brings that more country touch so desired lately. 

This style between light and dark tones, has become one of the most popular in autumn, as it allows us to move from a summer decoration to a cozier one easily. The white base allows us to change the textiles and decorative elements of the house quickly from one season to another. 

A good way to highlight the rustic touch, if we have bet enough on white is by adding elements of industrial character. We are talking about tables, shelves, sideboards … with small metal elements. 

Colors and patterns of rustic decoration

The rustic style is usually conditioned by very dark colors. Give a twist to the house with a more updated style, and add colors in pastel touches. 

Although white is the undisputed protagonist, you can add in this style many more shades. Play with colors and add classic shades of this time of the year such as mustard, burgundy red or blue. 

Gray is another color that is increasingly becoming one of the basic colors of the house. Together with white, gray integrates perfectly and also adapts to the new style of modern rustic decoration. We will see a lot of gray in furniture such as the sofa, textiles and even stained wood (with a ‘vintage’ touch) in this color.

Beautiful furniture for a modern rustic decoration

Now that we are clear about what colors we can introduce in our modern rustic decor, it’s time to know what furniture to choose. 

The important thing to get it right with this style is to mix. For example, we can add some white designer chairs in the dining room accompanied by a solid wood table and black legs. These combinations are the ones you will see most in the modern rustic style, especially in spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. Although without losing the essence, it will be the small decorative elements with which we can play more and risk to get that touch of modernity. 

5 keys to achieve a modern and rustic touch

  1. Simple lines: in this type of decoration, harmony is sought in every corner. You will say goodbye to very sturdy furniture and welcome simpler and lighter designs. No ornate legs or elaborate drawings on the furniture. 
  2. Lots of white: it is the color that helps us to give that touch of modernity. 
  3. Few stones on the wall: rustic houses usually resort to stone decorations on the walls, but in this type of modern rustic decoration we will find them in very limited areas. We will resort to another much more modern (and affordable) alternative such as wooden slats. 
  4. No curtains: better opt for using blinds to give a more modern touch to the house. 

Update the fireplace area: rustic houses usually have a very old fireplace. So forget the traditional one and go for metal or glass options

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