Ideas for screens

No matter if you want to put it in the garden, balcony or terrace: a folding screen is always a good idea. Like umbrellas, they protect us from sunburn in the midday heat, provide shade and a vacation feeling. With stylish screens, we also protect ourselves from prying eyes.

Especially on the balcony, in the small garden or in a small area, privacy is highly appreciated. A privacy screen is almost a necessity, after all, no one likes to be seen sunbathing.

Don’t have a screen yet? You can find some ideas about designing your garden with plants and fences in our style guide on Browse our website where you can find garden furniture and unique accessories for patios and balconies. Discover in our guide ideas for your privacy and current furniture trends – let us inspire you!

Ideas for the terrace

Elements for a privacy screen are now available in many different designs and materials. Depending on your preferences and gardening skills, you can choose a natural screen for your terrace in the form of a hedge or with various shrubs. Other ideas we would like to propose are dividing walls, screens or side awnings, which also offer protection and are easy to maintain.

Other ideas are based on a combination of a prefabricated screen and natural plants. For example, a wooden palisade with flowering tendrils is absolutely opaque and also looks good. A plant box with vines is also a good choice to protect the terrace from the front and sides.

Screening ideas for your garden

The idea of refined privacy is especially suitable for outdoor use. After all, the goal is to protect you from the prying eyes of your neighbors. If you are a fan of rustic design, a good garden screen can be a stone wall. The irregular structure and radillions give the wall its rough charm. You can decorate this wall with beautiful vines.

What fits better in your garden than wooden elements? Combine flowers with privacy screens. In this way, you will not only decorate your garden in style, but also have your own kingdom all to yourself.

Bamboo is a particularly popular material for garden screens – no wonder! This stable and durable natural raw material. Ecuadorian bamboo can reach a height of about 6 meters. It is simply perfect as a privacy screen for your garden.

Screening ideas for your balcony:

  • Idea 1: The lower part of balconies with railing can be covered with a raffia or textile covering. You can fix it with clamps and eyelets.
  • Idea 2: The first class privacy ideas would be with bamboo or ivy.
  • Idea 3: Privacy ideas for the sides are folding screens or umbrellas.

Those who need privacy at the top can resort to umbrellas or cover the entire balcony with an awning.

Create your own screen

A screen is not only necessary for outdoors. Also inside our house can be a very practical element to visually separate certain areas, for example, the bedroom from the living room. This allows you to easily and very quickly create a separate area for dressing or make-up in the bedroom.

Simply set up the screen and you’re ready to go. In addition to its mobility also practical, it can be easily installed anywhere. In many cases, the screens are made up of screens that are hinged together, making them foldable and easy to transport.

Another great idea for the bedroom is to install canopies over the bed, these provide good privacy and still look wonderful. Canopies can be chosen in a classic white or bright colors. Here are countless fabrics and patterns to discover. You can easily create this privacy screen yourself.

To do this, you need:

  • A fabric canopy in the color of your choice.
  • A hook and cord to attach to the ceiling
  • A hula-hoop and a garland of lights

This is how it is done:

  1. Step Determine where you should hang the awning and attach the ceiling hook.
  2. Step The length of the canopy depends on the height of the room and how much space there may be to the floor. In principle, however, you can use the dimensions 290 x 370 cm as a guide.
  3. Step Attach the hula-hoop to the fabric by tying the canopy around you or simply twisting it. Now hang the awning from the ceiling with a firm cord.
  4. Step With a garland of lights or a string of bunting you can personalize your self-built screen.

A privacy screen is ideal in the living room if you want to create a cozy reading corner or if you would like to optically separate the work area from the rest of the room.

A privacy screen can also be useful in the bathroom, as much as it is a very attractive decor element. Another plus: screens and other privacy screen ideas come in numerous designs, shapes, materials and colors – so there is something for everyone!

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