Ideas for decorating a small dining room

Dining rooms are gathering spaces with friends, family or couples. In the dining rooms are celebrated Christmas, Sunday lunches or quick breakfasts in the middle of the week. The dining room has many stories to tell and therefore deserves a practical and stylish decoration, even if we live in small houses. If space is a problem, in we give you the best tips so you can show off the small dining room as it deserves. 

3 tips to get small dining rooms right

Meetings in the dining room are inevitable. Therefore, we must adapt the dining room, even if we have a small space. With these tips, we will find it much easier to distribute and decorate the dining room: 

  1. Balance

Whenever we have small spaces, the key is balance. It happens with the decoration of a small living room, and also with a dining room. It is not a matter of cutting back on the number of pieces of furniture that we are going to add to the dining room, but simply choosing them well. The key is to look for furniture that is practical and at the same time can add charm to the dining room. If we have a small dining room, we must get the circulation and light flowing throughout the space eliminating any obstacles.

  • Open spaces

If we have open spaces in the dining area, we will have the feeling that we have more meters. This can be achieved by eliminating partitions or furniture that obstruct the passage to the dining room. In addition, we will help natural light to flow much faster. The ideal, always for small dining rooms, is to be located between the living room and the kitchen, and to be the link between the two spaces. 

  • Multifunctional solutions

It is one of the first rules to make the most of any small space, including the dining room. For example, have a bench that also has space to store things or a trolley that at the same time makes us bar furniture or an extra table.  

Essential furniture and accessories in a small dining room

Now that we know how to distribute the dining room no matter how small it is, it’s time to know what kind of furniture and accessories we can include without reducing meters. Here are some of our favorite options: 

Round and extendable tables

In a small living-dining room, square or rectangular tables have no place. In this type of dining room we must make the most of the space and incorporate round tables. It is important that these tables do not exceed 90 centimeters in diameter, and if they are made of glass, all the better! In addition, if we are to receive guests at home, better bet on one that is extensible. When closed it takes up less space, and when we open it we can enjoy more space for everyone. 

Chairs with narrow backs

The choice of chairs is also important in small dining rooms. We will gain space for our guests if we add chairs with narrow backs. The advantage of these chairs is that they are very elegant and also do not take up any space. To make them a more comfortable option, we can add seat cushions. 

A bench

In many small apartments, people opt to make construction benches to add extra seating without the need to incorporate so many chairs. If you do not have it at home, it is a very good option because instead of having 4 seats we can have more. 

Light lamps 

The decoration of the dining rooms must be very well thought out, including lighting. These decorative objects that also bring light to the dining room, must be very light. We can opt for industrial or transparent style lamps. They camouflage with the environment and will not steal meters in the dining room. 

Display cabinets and cupboards

Display cabinets are in fashion, so take advantage of this vintage furniture to store all the tableware and table linen needed for the table. This will also free up the kitchen. 

Decorate your small dining room:

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