How to plant tulips?

If we ask you where you think of when you hear the word tulip, you will probably answer Holland, but, although it is true that in the Netherlands they are the star flower, tulips are originally from Central Asia. Their name comes from the Turkish word tülbend, and this from the Persian dulband, which means turban, and is that, closed, they have some similarity with turbans, don’t you think? Tulips are tall, elegant and very colorful, an ideal flower to give a fresh and stylish touch to your home. And, at the same time, they are very easy to grow. How would you like to learn some gardening tricks to plant tulips at home both outdoors and indoors? Today, here, we’ll tell you about them. Let’s get to it!

7 types of tulips we love

We can count up to 150 species of tulips and more than 5,000 hybrids obtained through genetic improvements that flower growers have been implementing since the sixteenth century, when this flower arrived in Holland. Of all the varieties we can find, we love these 7 and we tell you why:

  • Princess Irene tulip: it combines orange and pink. It is very aromatic and can reach a height of up to 10 or 15 cm.
  • Tulip China Pink: pink, its leaves are unique, thin and narrow, which, when opened, resemble lilies. They are tall and spiky plants.
  • Tulip Abu Hassan: its color is very characteristic, combining dark red with light yellow edges. It is highly valued and can reach up to 50 cm high. 
  • Queen of the Night Tulip: it is spectacular with a very sophisticated dark purple color.
  • Rembrandt Tulip: its petals look as if they were painted with a brush, hence its name. It is very tall and can reach 70 cm.
  • Angelica tulip: its petals open creating a flower more similar to a peony than a tulip. The color, pink, also helps in this resemblance.
  • Fancy Frills Tulip: the tips of this type of tulip are curly which gives it a unique look. In powder pink color, it can reach 40 cm in height.

When is it best to plant tulips?

Tulips are bulbous plants so when it comes time to plant them, you won’t plant seeds but onion-like bulbs. To get beautiful garden flowers from each bulb, follow these 4 tips:

  1. Buy them today, plant them today: it is not good to keep them out of the ground for many days, so, go to your specialized gardening store and plant them without delay.
  2. They must be hard: bulbs, to be in good condition, must be hard and consistent, and their skin, thin. 
  3. Protect them from the sun: bulbs can dry out in direct sunlight. Avoid keeping them out of the sun while planting. 
  4. Do not plant them too early: when to plant tulips, then? Mainly in autumn, although you can plant them as late as January. The idea is to let the bulbs sleep in the ground during the winter so that they bloom in spring, between April and May.

How to plant tulip bulbs?

Sun and protection

The most important thing to start with is to choose the best place to plant your tulips. Most flowers need four to six hours of sun to bloom to their full glory, and tulips are no different. Choose a space that receives about six hours of sun a day. If that sun is morning or evening, that is, if you avoid the midday sun, so much the better. A trick that helps them to live longer is to plant the tulips facing east or west and that in the south they have some kind of protection, such as, for example, the branches of a slightly high shrub or a tree, which give them some shade.

The ideal soil

Tulips are capable of growing in any type of soil, but it is best to provide them with good drainage so that, when watering, the water does not become waterlogged and the bulbs rot. To do this, get gardening tools to aerate the soil beforehand and, of course, before making the holes to plant the tulips, clear the space where you are going to plant them. To prepare the soil properly, you can follow the steps you will find in this article: how to make a vegetable garden in the garden. They will help you!

Space between them

How to plant tulip bulbs so that they have the space they need? Leave about 5 cm between them and bury each bulb to a depth of twice its height. When you cover the holes do not press the soil too much, and then water them so that the soil settles, but without waterlogging the area.

How to plant tulips in water?  

Did you know that you can plant tulips directly in water? Yes, yes, without soil! It’s a great way to decorate any corner of the house with an original floral detail. What do you need to plant tulips in water? As simple as a vase or a tall clear glass vase, above all. You will need the container to have a width that allows the bulb to be inserted between its walls without reaching the bottom. 

To plant tulips well in water, you should make sure that the water only wets the roots and change it when you see that it is getting dirty to avoid the appearance of fungus. 

For six weeks, place the vase or glass in a cool, dark place so that it will grow little by little, and after this time, put it in a place that gives it light, but not direct sunlight. Keep in mind that it does not need very high temperatures (18o maximum) or drafts.

6 steps to planting tulips in pots

  1. Step

You will need pots about 22 cm in diameter about 45 cm deep to grow well. Do not fill them to the top with soil.

  • Step

As for when to plant potted tulips, well, as with the other methods, the ideal is to do it in autumn. If you do it this way, in spring you will enjoy wonderful tulips on your balcony or terrace.

  • Step

Fill half of the pot with soil that ensures good drainage and when planting the potted tulips, bury them twice as far from the surface as they are tall.

  • Step

Place the bulbs about 2.5 cm apart and in circles. The pointed lake of the bulb should be facing upwards.

  • Step

Cover them with about 6 inches of soil and water a little. If the pots are outside and it rains regularly, you don’t need to water again until spring, and if it doesn’t rain, water every two to three weeks.

  • Step

Then, for about 14 weeks, leave the pot in a cold area, but not freezing, of course. After this time, move the pot to an area with temperatures between 16 and 21o. One to three weeks later, you will enjoy your beautiful tulips!

Knowing now what you know, can you resist planting tulips at home? What’s more, you can choose the method you like best: planting tulips in pots, in the ground or even planting tulips in water. Now that you know how to plant tulip bulbs, this wonderful flower has no secrets for you. So, this spring, enjoy their color and scent at home! 

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