How to plant sunflowers at home

Showy and colorful, we love sunflowers. If it’s also your favorite flower, there’s something you should know: what it says about you. It says that you are an optimistic and creative person, vital and very warm. A message as positive as its very image, and who doesn’t like to contemplate a field of sunflowers? Its color is like a magnet for the eyes and its movement in search of the sun, a funny mystery. But you don’t have to wait to walk through fields like those of Castile to see how sunflowers seek the sun’s rays. In fact, you can watch the magnificent spectacle in your own home. Planting sunflowers is easier than you think. Follow our gardening tips and get your own homemade sunflower field.

What type of sunflower do you prefer?

When planting sunflowers, the first thing to think about is what type of sunflower you prefer, because there is not just one. You have ornamental sunflowers such as the Maximilian sunflower, which do not produce seeds for consumption; sunflowers such as the Mamut Rusa, which can reach 3 meters in height; or sunflowers that do produce seeds for consumption and that have a size more suitable for not very large extensions of land, such as those you may have in your own home.

If you have a small vegetable garden, the best place to plant sunflowers is between pumpkins, cucumbers or zucchini, because they attract pollinating insects and thus help to increase the production of these vegetables.

4 keys to successfully planting sunflowers at home

  • Sunflowers require sandy soils rich in organic matter, although they are not very exquisite plants, so they can also survive in arid soils. But if you want to get good fruits, bet on a well-nourished soil. Thus, after planting, in about two months or so, it will begin to form the flower.
  • You can plant sunflowers at home directly in the ground or plant seeds in a seedbed and then transplant them when the plant has grown. The latter method is the most advisable to ensure the success of germination – the most delicate process in the growth of the plant – and also to advance its growth.
  • Sunflowers are plants that grow in rainfed soils, however, it is important to ensure regular and abundant watering.
  • To plant sunflowers at home properly and grow freely, you should leave a distance between them of about 50 cm, if we are talking about sunflower varieties of standard sizes, or about 90 cm, if we have chosen a sunflower such as the Russian Mammoth.

How to plant sunflowers step by step

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The right time: the first thing you should ask yourself is when to plant sunflowers if you want to plant them using a seedbed. In this case, you should do it in mid or late winter. On the other hand, if we are talking about when to plant sunflowers directly in the ground, we can wait until spring.

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Prepare the seeds: fill a jar with water and soak the sunflower seeds for an hour to moisten them so that they germinate much faster.

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Let’s make the seedbed! We are going to explain how to plant sunflowers in a seedbed because it is the safest method to succeed. Save some yogurt containers, clean them and make a hole in the base for water drainage, it is very important to plant sunflowers correctly!

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Prepare the soil: do it following the keys that we have told you before so that the sunflowers do not lack nutrients, and fill the yogurt containers leaving a finger uncovered. Do not compact the soil too much, leave it loose so that the seed does not have trouble germinating.

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To sow! Place two to three seeds in each yogurt to make sure that at least one plant will sprout. If all three seeds germinate, it will be necessary to leave only the most developed one.

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It is time to water: once you have finished sowing the sunflowers, water them with a watering can that sprays the water like rain, that is to say, with fine jets, because the important thing is that, when watering, the substrate is not displaced.

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Where to place the seedbed? Until it germinates, it is not important to give it sunlight, so place it in a space protected from wind and low temperatures. To germinate, they only require a temperature of about 12o.

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It’s time to put them in the sun! After 10 days, they will start to germinate. You will see that they will be born with the husks of the seeds attached to the leaves, but soon they will fall off and the leaves will be clean. As soon as the green seedlings start to appear in your seedbed, you will need to place them in the sun. They will need at least 6 hours of sunlight to develop well.

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And when to plant sunflowers outdoors? In a month you will be able to plant them in their final place. The ideal time is spring, when temperatures are more stable and help them to take root and grow. You will not need special gardening tools for this. A rake to plow the soil and make it looser to facilitate planting will be enough.

The benefits of sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds can be harvested between July and August. Sunflower seeds are an important source of energy rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. In particular, they have a high content of vitamin E, in fact, they are the nut with the highest amount of this vitamin and therefore, they are very beneficial for eye health. They also contain thianin and cysteine, so they work to calm stress and anxiety. And they also have, among others, anti-inflammatory properties.

Decoration ideas with sunflowers

If you decide to plant sunflowers at home, they will become the most spectacular garden flowers both outside and inside your home. A simple sunflower in a vase like the ones you can find in Now, will fill any room with color. On the other hand, they are very durable flowers, so you will have floral decoration for a long time. 

They also look beautiful as water lilies. In a glass centerpiece, with a background of pebbles and water, let several sunflowers float and you will have a beautiful decoration for your table. 

Another idea? A simple glass jar decorated with a strip of raffia and a knotted string will become an improvised vase for your sunflower, country style, simple but beautiful.

If you want to consume sunflower seeds, you can not only buy them in your usual stores, but you can also harvest them yourself at home. It’s easy and you will get plants that will fill your garden and any corner of your house with life and color. 

Sunflowers haven’t bloomed in your garden yet – look for accessories in a sunny color!

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