How to decorate a one-room apartment

Classic one-room apartments usually have very limited space, but they also have positive things, such as charm and comfort. Although with only about 30 square meters of living room, bedroom, office and often also kitchen, a one-room apartment can be designed very stylishly, today there are many decorating ideas for this type of apartments. Looking for practical ideas for furnishing your small apartment? Our interior design experts have at hand the most suitable solutions to give you all the comforts in a minimum space.

Top tips for saving space with your furniture

Tip 1: In a 1-bedroom apartment there is often little space available, so furnish high up! With a closet that goes all the way to the ceiling or one that is perfectly attached to the wall, you can make the most of the available space.

Tip 2: Rely on multifunctional built-in furniture! A 1-room apartment should be both kitchen, dining room, bedroom and living room. To make it perfectly equipped for every occasion while saving as much space as possible, our interior design experts recommend the perfect combination, which is bed, desk and bookshelf all in one. This will allow you to make smart use of the limited space in your apartment.

Tip 3: Less is more – reduce the amount of furniture! If you furnish your small apartment, it can quickly become overloaded. Furniture that is too big or too bulky is not suitable for small rooms. To save space in your apartment, focus on furniture with which you can make the most of the available space in the room.

Tip 4: Create storage space! To make your home furniture fit your needs, you should store small, unnecessary items and things that you hardly use in a space-saving way. The ideal is for example in boxes under the bed or in cardboard boxes in the closet. Spaces under benches or sofas can also be used as storage areas – rely on sophisticated furniture for small rooms!

Tip 5: The most important tip that at first glance may seem a bit annoying, but is the basis for having the most space available: keep your apartment tidy. If there are always things lying around, such as mountains of clothes and books, dirty dishes and used magazines, even the best space-saving tricks will be useless. The overall image of your small apartment will look messy. Regular tidying up is the most important thing if you want to save space in your one-room apartment.

Must-have furniture for a one-bedroom apartment

If you are looking for furniture for your small apartment, we guarantee you will find it in our exclusive selection in the Now online store! To furnish your apartment, multifunctional furniture and some home accessories are a must, bed and sofa are the heart of every apartment, with a single room it is not necessary mind having both, so, a sofa bed or a divan is the optimal solution to use the room day and night. And if you also have high ceilings in your small apartment, a bed behind a closet can also be a good option.

When it comes to working and eating, you should also opt for a standard solution and use the dining table as a desk at the same time. If you have limited space, a folding dining table is also a good option. By placing a large mirror on the wall, you can not only decorate a one-room apartment beautifully, but it will also give more space to your small room. Tall cabinets that reach up to the ceiling and decorative boxes for small items are also necessary. You have to keep in mind: large and massive interior decorating items take too much space and make the room more overwhelming and are not very suitable for a small 1-bedroom apartment.

Decorating ideas: room dividers

  • Curtains are great for dividing areas in your one-bedroom apartment. Place a pole or track on the ceiling to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment during the day.
  • To visually separate the kitchen from your living room, use a half-height bookcase. The cabinet also provides additional storage space for kitchen accessories, your favorite dinnerware and cookbooks.
  • In general, furniture can be used as a practical room divider. Whether it’s a shelf, a flat sideboard or a stylish chest. Another plus point: these pieces of furniture offer more storage space!
  • The classic room divider is still the screen! This timeless piece fits especially well in the dressing room. In addition, the folding screen can be hidden and reassembled at any time.
  • Various floor coverings can also be used as a room divider on a room floor. So how about tiles in the kitchen, wood flooring in the living room and a fluffy carpet in the bedroom?

Small one-bedroom apartments don’t always offer a lot of space, but they convince with their pleasant atmosphere. Fall in love again in your kingdom and fill your one-bedroom apartment with beautiful furniture and decor from our exclusive selection at

Now – find your new favorite pieces and give your four walls a stylish look in a small format!

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