How to choose the wedding theme

The wedding is one of the most special moments for couples. The decoration and organization of a wedding requires time and planning. Among the aspects that we must be clear before organizing a wedding, is to choose what will be the main theme. If you are still not clear about the wedding theme, we have a guide for you to choose the one you like the most or at least serve as inspiration. If you lack ideas, let yourself be inspired and start planning the big day right away!

Why choose a theme?

The habit of choosing a specific wedding inspiration has been established for decades around the world. However, in recent years there has been even more interest in this theme as we look to give the wedding a much more personal touch.

Weddings are no longer just an event to say “I do”, but have become events that allow us to tell a little more about the bride and groom. In addition, the ability to specify a theme makes the entire wedding decorations shine even brighter.

Having a theme makes it easier to plan every detail of the wedding. Choosing a theme also simplifies the task of the wedding planners and suppliers, who will know from the beginning what to propose. For example, in the case of a boho wedding, we opted for light and romantic colors, wooden tables, traditional linen tablecloths and wild flowers.

In addition to the logistics, it is a very enriching project for the couple before getting married.

8 themes full of inspiration for your wedding day.

Many couples know right away what they want for their wedding, but that’s not always the case. If you’re looking for an original wedding theme, check out the ideas we’ve selected for you! You can also mix themes and create something personalized.

1. Music themed wedding

For musicians or simply for those who have a song for every moment of their lives, music themed weddings are the right opportunity to show everyone your passion. Choose a genre, a band, a composer or an instrument and give the ceremony a beat.

The bonus idea? Rewrite the lyrics of a song and send it to the guests: singing it all together will be the highlight of the party!

2. Gourmet wedding

If you are a big fan of food, put it all in the wedding menu. Instead of classic dishes, think of a special tasting to accompany the guests to discover new flavors. As a detail for the guests you can give them a gastronomic basket prepared with special products.

3. Wine-themed wedding

Vineyard weddings are becoming more and more popular. Find a winery you like and design every detail inspired by the great reds, whites and bubbles. The perfect colors for a wine themed wedding are fall colors: green, burgundy, brown and yellow will be perfect!

4. Marine themed wedding

If you are lucky enough to live near the sea and you can organize the beach party, choose a theme related to the sea. Use simple striped patterns, in white and blue, and add touches of gold. If you are looking for something more sophisticated, combine turquoise and coral in small decorative elements such as centerpieces, napkin rings…and accompany them with other elements such as shells or starfish.

5. Nature-themed wedding

If you give a lot of importance to nature, you will surely like to have it present at the wedding. Go for disposable materials, a botanical garden, and a zero km or vegetarian menu. Instead of gifts, you can make a donation to an organization that works to safeguard our planet.

6. Travel themed wedding

If you are a travel lover, this theme must be present at the wedding in some way. A very original idea is to add on each table the name of a destination in the world, while, in the decoration we can opt for old maps, globes, trunks and old luggage.

7. Comic book-inspired wedding

For lovers of classic superheroes, from Superman to Batman, the brilliant solution is a comic book themed wedding. The drawings will accompany all the paper materials, from the invitations to the menu, as well as the costumes.

8. Retro wedding       

If you are more of a 20’s or 50’s style, then you also need it at the wedding. Choose the decade you like the most and inform your guests to go with that kind of ‘look’ to the wedding. To decorate the wedding, we should look for vintage objects inspired by that particular period.

How to decide the wedding theme

If you are still not sure what the wedding theme will be, here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

  1. Talk to the couple: the wedding should be an expression of both, not only of one part of the couple.
  2. Take care of the budget: be clear about how much you are going to spend. It is best to have a list of options that best fit the budget and be realistic.
  3. Keep in mind the location: the location should be very much in line with the theme. It is not the best to choose a castle that is perfect for a movie or literary-themed wedding, than a period villa that lends itself well to a romantic and dreamy vintage style wedding.

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