Feel the hospitality of faraway villages with an ethnic dorm room

Do you want to feel the hospitality of peoples from distant lands in your own bedroom? If you are a traveling soul who is fascinated by different cultures, opt for an ethnic bedroom, where the color and warmth of different civilizations accompany your best dreams.

It combines art, wooden furniture that highlights all the imperfections of a laborious craftsmanship and rough fabrics with geometric patterns or inspired by nature, typical of different cultures of the peoples of the world. Each people has its own traditions in terms of decoration and the patterns they present in their fabrics and objects. Your challenge will be to know how to combine them to create a harmonious whole, where various designs, cultures and peoples can coexist in harmony.

Walls with textiles in an ethnic bedroom

An ethnic bedroom can be painted white to highlight the colors of the textiles or you can opt for tan tones. The latter are a perfect wildcard because they dress the space with personality, while looking good with textiles of any color.

On the walls of the ethnic bedroom, textiles are a must: a kilim, a pashmina, a geometric patterned rug, a handmade tapestry…and, of course, one of these textiles has to act as a headboard! Read on because fabric headboards deserve a point and a separate paragraph.

Fabric headboards for an ethnic bedroom

One way to get soak your bedroom in an ethnic style is to extend a fabric on the wall as a headboard. With a fabric with a wonderful ethnic design as a headboard you will attract all eyes when you enter the bedroom.

If the fabric is light and flexible (cotton, silk…) and wider than the bed, great! By fixing the two upper ends at the point with the right width of the bed, the central part of the fabric will fall gently recreating a pleasant breeze effect.

And the advantage of this type of headboard is that you can remove them for washing and change them very easily. Thus, you can give a different look to the bedroom according to the season or occasion.

Mix extra soft with rough textiles in an ethnic bedroom. 

Combine extra-soft textiles, such as leather or silk, with rough ones, such as coarse wool. Overlap them to come up with a harmoniously bold pattern combination.

Blankets made of rough and imperfect coarse wool materials and soft fur rugs, where the figure of an animal is still identifiable, are a must in ethnic decoration. Dare also with animal print textiles or with striking wax fabrics, to upholster stools, poufs…

Lights and fire for an intimate atmosphere in an ethnic bedroom.

Scented candles and table lamps with colored crystals are a must for night lighting in an ethnic bedroom. The fire of a candle on a simple traditional metal candle holder will teleport you back in time. And, in addition, if the candle is aromatic, you can wrap your bedroom with fragrances that make you dream of exotic places.

Likewise, in the ethnic style, lamps with lampshades made of natural fibers or textiles such as linen or cotton also triumph. These materials sift the light and illuminate providing warmth and creating an intimate atmosphere.

Furniture made of natural and warm materials for an ethnic bedroom

Wood, bamboo, rattan, natural fibers … on the floor and on bedside tables, stools, chairs, consoles or dressers bring a great warmth to the environment. And that is precisely what we are looking for in an ethnic bedroom.

Also, keep in mind that ethnic style furniture has to show its personality with the imperfections of any handmade object. This furniture connects us with mother nature with its rough surfaces and visible veins, and does not seek to hide the assemblies and nails.

Explosion of color in the ethnic bedroom

An ethnic bedroom has to be an explosion of cultures and, also, of colors. The colors of natural materials are combined with more powerful colors that fill the bedroom with life. Thus, the ethnic bedroom is dominated by earthy tones such as beige, nude, olive green, brown or reddish tones; although these are accompanied by touches of strong colors such as purple, orange, fuchsia or deep blue. These colors are found in the characteristic prints of the different cultures that give personality to the ethnic style.

Complete your ethnic bedroom with handcrafted details. 

Nothing transports us more to the ethnic style than craftsmanship. Clay or ceramic figures, masks carved in wood, pots made on a potter’s wheel, hand-woven textiles, lamps or carpets made with braided fibers, as was done traditionally. A bedroom decorated with these details will undoubtedly be a unique bedroom because handcrafted pieces cannot be cloned.

Opt for an ethnic bedroom and let the art of different cultures flow and combine with each other to obtain an exotic atmosphere, full of symbolism and diversity.

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