Black bathroom: the most elegant and sophisticated trend

Among all the bathroom styles you can do, this is perhaps the most daring: a black bathroom. If you are not afraid of the different, you are passionate about decorating like us and you are looking for a unique home with a lot of character, decorating a bathroom with black as the main star is a perfect option for you. And we are here to help you, so we have prepared a bathroom decorating guide focused on the strongest color of the chromatic scale for you to enjoy a black bathroom as sophisticated as personal. Let’s get started!

Black is the ultimate trend

Black is a fashionable color without any doubt. The bad reputation of decorating the house with dark colors and, especially in black, which was carried in the past, when it was associated with sadness and pain, fortunately has been forgotten. Today, black has a completely different character.

It is a passionate, daring, elegant and sophisticated color, which not only stains closet pieces – those basics that go well with everything – but also walls, floors, furniture and even faucets! We find it in black kitchens, in living rooms and now in bathrooms. Black is also a perfect color for bathrooms. Give it a try and you will enjoy a spectacular black bathroom.

For daring decolovers: total black bathrooms

Black walls, black bathroom fixtures, black faucets, black partition profiles… Can you imagine? The result is of incredible elegance and sobriety, pure spectacle. Pure spectacle. How to achieve it? 

Wall coverings

You can choose between black tiles type gresite, type metro or even large slabs of black marble finish. Although, if you prefer paint, you can also paint the walls and or combine tiles up to half height leaving the rest to paint.

However, if you are afraid that it will be too dark and the space will look too cramped, there are solutions. Obviously, if the bathroom is spacious and receives natural light, so much the better, but if not, you can compensate for the darkness of a black bathroom by tiling the bathroom with glossy finish tiles and white grout or satin paint. In this way, the light that hits the walls, will be reflected and give more clarity to the space.

The pavement can also balance the strength of the walls if we choose it in light tones such as beige or off-white.


The total black trend has also reached the sanitary ware. The main firms in the market have modern black lines for washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays and toilets. Matte finishes, whose surface conveys smoothness, are in vogue. But there are also pieces such as washbasins in black marble – veined or not – with a natural shine. 


For your total black bathroom look, black faucets are essential. In matte they are trendy and provide a modern and very sophisticated aesthetic, and depending on the style of the black faucets we can get a modern bathroom or even an industrial bathroom.

For urban decolovers: between black and gray

If for you the total black is too powerful, you can choose to combine black with gray. The result is still cozy, but without so much strength.

Tip: You can leave the black to strategic pieces, such as toilets or faucets, and cover the bathroom with tiles or paint in more grayish tones, more or less dark depending on how enveloping you want the space to be. 

For classic decolovers: black vs. white

There is no better pairing. Black and white feed off each other. Black absorbs light and white reflects it. They are the yin and yang of decoration. Go for them if you like black bathrooms, but you don’t want to lose the feeling of space and spaciousness.

Here, it is a great idea to choose light coatings and opt for black in the shower tray, for example, taps, textiles and bathroom accessories such as the mirror frame, the soap dispenser, jars and trays to organize your products and details such as pictures to decorate the walls -they take the graphic sheets or black and white photos of great movie stars- or scented candles.

But if you dare, you can cover at least one wall with black tiles and leave the rest in white, and the furniture, choose white too. The result is bright and full of character.

6 Details that go with black bathrooms

Black is intense, it envelops, but, yes, it’s true, it darkens. To make up for it, help yourself with accessories. Here’s a list of 5 details that go great with black to add light and style: 

  1. A mirror as big as you can. It will reflect light and multiply the space in a black bathroom. 
  2. Light-colored textiles. They will be touches of light, and softness, which will compensate the strength of black. 
  3. Gold details, because gold radiates light and combines with black to give your bathroom even more sophistication and elegance. 
  4. Gold or black metal sconces, with an industrial aesthetic.
  5. Natural fibers, in baskets to store products, paper or towels, or in carpets to gain warmth and soften the aesthetics of the black bathroom.
  6. And plants. The green touches of bathroom plants bring naturalness, freshness and are very well suited to the black color. 

Are you in the black bathroom league? You will surprise your guests and enjoy an elegant, sophisticated and very, very personal bathroom, worthy of a “


Our selection of accessories for a black bathroom

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