8 colors for bedrooms that will help you get it right

The master bedroom of a house cries out (or rather, whispers) for delicate colors that help you relax. But there is life beyond white or beige. Pastel tones, neutrals, which can be warm or cold… We guide you in choosing the right shades for your bedroom, from the colors to paint walls, to those that will combine best in textiles and accessories.

8 trendy colors for bedroom walls

Besides being trendy, these are the relaxing colors for adult bedrooms that will bring you more peace and style. Remember that the tone of your bedroom can contribute to improve your rest and mood. One wrong color combination, and that room you were dreaming of will turn into a nightmare. To avoid this, here are the colors that never, ever fail:

1. Gray-green

Give free rein to your dreams and dare with gray-green for the walls of your room. A sophisticated tone, which takes us to nature, creating a relaxed and very chic room.

Green inspires vitality and gray, relaxation. Together they are the Ying and Yang, generating balance. Combined with white, you will gain the light that may be missing, and with dark gray bedding, rest is more than assured.

2. Cream

The cream color is very cozy. With it on the walls it will seem that the room embraces you and will be comfortable. With a bedding in blue or gray, you will get wonderful results.

3. Blue

There are studies that relate the color blue with a greater quantity and quality of sleep. Our mind associates this color with the sky or the sea and this idea brings calm and reduces the heart rate. With white bedding, the effect is enhanced and gives rise to Mediterranean atmospheres.


Light, if the bedroom is not very big, and dark, if you have meters. Gray is an infallible color, also in the bedroom. We can associate it with the moon and we will animate it with a colorful bed linen, in moss green, for example.

5. White

A must-have for small bedrooms with little light. In addition, it makes it very easy when choosing furniture and bedding, as it combines with absolutely everything and will put the focus on the key pieces, such as the bed, headboard, closet or chest of drawers. Instead of pure white, select from the more ivory types of white.

6. Pastel colors

Powdery tones help create a peaceful atmosphere, release stress and bring warmth and harmony. All at once. That’s why they are indicated in spaces such as bedrooms. If you like the Nordic style, paint the walls of your room with these soft and serene shades: pale pink, sky blue, mint green, apricot, pastel yellow … Any of them will match with light or dark wood, white, gray or other shades of the same color.

7. Mauve or lavender

Glamorous, calm, bucolic… this color offers originality and positive energy to the environment. Combine it with bedding in old pink or white, gray or linen to transport you to the lavender fields of Provence. You can even add elements in klein blue, such as cushions, to achieve a groundbreaking effect.

This range, in its softer shades, helps project light and makes the room appear more spacious. Cool tones with low saturation are ideal if you want to add a little color without sacrificing spaciousness.

8. Black

It is the color of the night, so its most appropriate place in the house would be the bedroom, of course. A wall in this color (with matte finish and fine moldings) is only suitable for the most daring, seeking privacy and elegance in your bedroom. Given its high saturation and prominence, we advise you to always use white or light gray bedding, glass or mirror deco pieces and beech wood. Go to the dark side.

It is clear that, in addition to paint, other elements such as wallpaper for walls, bedding, furniture or paintings and illustrations can help you introduce these perfect colors for bedrooms.

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