6 ideas for decorating with stained glass

Stained glass has become a trendy material in recent years. There are more and more accessories that we can see with this finish: vases, candles, plates, decorative figures … We teach you everything you need to know about stained glass and how you can decorate your home with these pieces.

What is tinted glass?

It is called ‘tinted glass’ to all those pieces where the glass acquires a certain color. They can have a matte and opaque finish, or in a transparent but dark tone. Vases are perhaps the pieces that we can see more in stained glass. It is thus an alternative to conventional glass, which helps to give a little color to the interiors. 

DIY: how to make your own stained glass

A house needs special and unique pieces. Many times we do not know how to give it that touch of originality. A good way to do it is with crafts. Change the look of your vases with this DIY. How to do it? Simply painting the glass of the vases would be more than enough. Take note!

  1. Step Apply a vase conditioner and let it dry. 
  2. Step Mix a white base paint with a color of your choice. It is important that the paints are suitable for ceramic and glass. 
  3. Step Pour the paint back into the vase, and with the help of a brush, remove the excess. At the same time completely cover the vase with paint. 
  4. Step When you have finished, let the paint dry with the vase upside down on a piece of newspaper.

Ideas for decorating with stained glass

Once you have made your own stained glass pieces, it’s time to add them to the different corners of the house. In the bathroom, incorporate a stained glass vase into the main sink cabinet. Add some dried flowers to the vase and that’s it! You can do the same in other areas of the house, such as the foyer, adding a stained glass vase on the console table; in the bedroom, on the bedside table; or simply in the living room, on the coffee table. With these small details you will be able to give a new air to different areas. 

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