10 tips to organize a low cost wedding

Getting married is wonderful, but often the cost of the wedding is so high that it risks ruining the party. If you want to keep your budget under control, organize a low cost wedding: saving money does not mean giving up what you want, but simply being more careful when organizing. Also, being thrifty can help us bring out our creative side when it comes to decorating a wedding. Find out what you can’t miss for your wedding and get inspired by our tips to plan the ceremony you’ve always dreamed of… without spending too much! without spending too much!

The rule of three essentials

Just decided to get married, but don’t know where to start to limit costs? Start with what really matters to you and the person you love. Grab pen and paper and start imagining your ideal day: make a list of all the wedding essentials and then organize each item from one to ten.

Ceremony and reception venue, wedding dresses, catering, entertainment, floral arrangements, photographer, invitations, honeymoon… there are so many things to think about. Find your priorities and fit them into your budget, as these first three items will be the essentials of your wedding and therefore the ones you’d rather not save money for. You will find that you can easily give up some of the items on your list.

Ideal destinations for low cost weddings

It often happens that most of the wedding budget is spent on renting an estate, a vintage villa or a castle. For a low cost wedding that will leave your guests amazed, break with traditions yet amaze your guests, break the tradition and opt for something different:

  • A farmhouse in the countryside, a very rustic option with plenty of outdoor space.
  • A small museum in the city, open for public and private events.
  • A forest or a characteristic bucolic place, such as a vineyard or an orchard.
  • A small beach by the sea, lake or river.

How to save money in 10 steps

After deciding what really matters and finding the perfect venue for a low cost wedding, we must move on to the details, small or large. Here are ten useful tips to avoid spending a lot of money and still organize a spectacular party.

1. Consider the day of the week and the season of the year.

Typically, wedding-related venues and services cost much more money on weekends and in the months from May through September (August excluded). You may be surprised to learn that if you choose a date in the off-season and during the week, you could cut your budget by as much as half for property rental or catering.

2. Evaluate the guest list carefully

Write down the list of all the people you would like to invite and then ask yourself if it is really appropriate to do so. Are you still in contact with your colleagues? And will your colleagues really want to participate? Now reread the list and keep only those important people with whom you want to share the day.

3. The wedding dress is also low cost

Among the most demanding expenses, sometimes there is the wedding dress. Find your favorite atelier and customize your ideal dress. As an alternative, you can opt for an old wedding dress worn by your mother or grandmother. With a special and modern touch it can become all yours.

4. The invitations – do them yourself!

If you think email invitations are sad and anonymous, we are here to convince you otherwise. Instead of the classic card, create a video invitation in pairs, where you can give all the details in an original way.

5. Seasonal flowers

Forgo exotic flowers and use only seasonal ones, which cost less. An example? In spring and summer there are cheap and voluminous hydrangeas. As another option, you can even rent plants and shrubs in a greenhouse.

6. Make your own decorations

For a chic or vintage style wedding, have fun looking for items and accessories at flea markets or in the junk room. Take inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest photos to recreate your favorite settings but on the cheap. And don’t forget about garlands of lights, candles, candelabras and luminous objects.

7. Better a delicious buffet

The weddings of yesteryear, with long waits at the table, have gone out of fashion. Better something fresher and younger, such as a rich buffet, a brunch, an aperitif or an elegant picnic on the grass.

8. Choose local musicians

For musical accompaniment during the ceremony or for the party, why not choose a young or local band, which will be just as good but cheaper than those who already make a living and have years of experience behind them. Alternatively, make your own playlist and rent some fairly powerful speakers.

9. Forgo the classic wedding album

The cost of the photographer is dramatically reduced if you decide to stop printing the classic photo album. You can choose to keep all the photos on a pen drive and then create your own digital album.

10. The wonders of DIY

All it takes is a little desire and willingness to make special little gifts for your guests. Start with a tutorial to create personalized boxes and bags to fill with confetti. You can also create small baskets with local gastronomic products or give small flower pots. The alternative for a low cost and literary themed wedding? A book for everyone, with date and personalized dedication.

Use an app to track your expenses

The key to a low-budget wedding is to keep track of all expenses. To manage all the elements easily, an app can be the solution. For all those who need it, we recommend the free app from the Bodas.net portal, which we have worked with to inform you about wedding decoration trends. With their app, organizing your wedding will not be stressful, but simple and fun. The app is designed to meet all the needs of couples who are planning their wedding and looking for inspiration and tips to make their big day unique.

Among other features, in addition to the Wedding List, the Table and Guest Organizer or the Community, there is also the Budgeting, a useful tool to keep all expenses under control and avoid last minute surprises. You can check what you have already paid and what remains to be paid, know the price of each supplier, add notes and create notifications for payments, analyze expenses to stay within the initial budget and much more.

Are you planning your wedding? In the section “Wedding decoration” you will find many other ideas to plan every detail. If you are missing some accessories, sign up for free at postgreeny.com and take advantage of our exclusive offers with discounts of up to 70%. We recommend you to follow the portal Bodas.net, where you will find many ideas and tips.

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